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Missourians who give to charity often have questions about what percentage of their gifts go to the charitable purpose and what percentage is used for administrative costs. Donors now can find out this information for hundreds of charities.

Upon our request, the charities listed on this Web site voluntarily provided my office with financial information. Those charities that filed an IRS Form 990 provided a copy to my office. The Form 990 includes a description of the charity's mission, how much money the charity received in the year being reported, and how much the charity spent in that year on charitable programs, administrative costs and fund-raising expenses.

The charities also were asked to provide basic information, such as a description of their mission, and if their annual reports are made available to the general public. If a charity you have contributed to in the past - or are considering contributing to - is not listed, it may mean that the charity did not respond to my office's invitation to have its information included.

Finally, inclusion here is not a "seal of approval" from the Attorney General's Office. The information is provided as a resource to assist Missourians in evaluating solicitations and giving wisely when responding to charitable appeals.


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