For Nonprofits - Basic information about dissolutions, mergers, and asset sales

If your nonprofit is dissolving substantially all of its assets, you must formally notify the Attorney General 20 days before you execute the transaction. Please fill out our Notice of Dissolution of Nonprofit Corporation form. Get the free Adobe Reader

FAQs - Dissolutions, Mergers, and Asset Sales

When does a nonprofit need to notify the Attorney General that it is dissolving?
Who can provide notification of a nonprofit transaction, such as a dissolution or merger?
My nonprofit is dissolving, who can I give its remaining assets to?
When can we disburse the assets of our organization?
I know I need to notify the Attorney General if I am selling or transferring substantially all of my assets, but what constitutes “substantially all of my assets”?
We have assets that a donor placed restrictions on, can I distribute those assets?
Is there a fee when submitting the required notification?
When will I receive a response from the Attorney General?

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