As in prior years, violations of Missouri’s No-Call Law topped the annual list with 58,666 complaints, more than twice the number of all other complaints combined. The No-Call Unit pursued 16 enforcement actions and obtained more than $150,000 in penalties and fines.

Complaints about scam solicitations, such as sweepstakes and grandparent scams, came in second in the number of complaints last year.

Attorney General Hawley encourages consumers to file complaints with his office so he can investigate scams, mediate complaints when possible, and take legal action when necessary to protect Missouri citizens. Consumers can register complaints by calling the toll-free number, 800-392-8222, or online, or by mail at P.O. Box 899, Jefferson City, Mo., 65102.

The top ten scams reported to Hawley’s office in 2016:

Top 10 Consumer Complaints

  1. No-Call & Illegal Telemarketing Complaints (58,666)

  2. Solicitations/Publications/Subscriptions (3,501)

  3. Financial (2,425)

  4. Communications/Technology/Online Services (1,792)

  5. Automotive (1,773)

  6. Real Estate and Construction (1,258)

  7. Retail/Wholesale (1,240)

  8. Travel/Timeshare (1,166)

  9. Health (941)

  10. Identity Theft (752)

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