Attorney General Takes Over Investigation, Seeks to Remove Sheriff After Death of Inmate in Custody

May 9, 2017, 18:11 PM
May 9, 2017, 18:08 PM

Jefferson City, Mo. – Attorney General Josh Hawley has released the below statement following the death of a Mississippi County Jail inmate:

​"This afternoon I have asked a court to remove Cory Hutcheson from his position as sheriff of Mississippi County. My office has already charged Hutcheson with robbery, assault and illegal surveillance. And on Friday, an inmate at the Mississippi County jail died following an altercation in which Hutcheson participated—despite the fact Hutcheson’s license as sheriff has been suspended. As soon as I learned of this death, I directed my office to open a full investigation, which is now underway. In the meantime, we are asking the court to strip Hutcheson of his office of sheriff and prevent him from interfering in any way with our investigation and other law enforcement efforts. The people of Mississippi County, and Missouri, deserve honest law enforcement officials. My office is committed to conducting a vigorous and impartial investigation to ensure the rule of law is upheld."