AG Hawley Asks Court to Revoke Cory Hutcheson’s Bond, Prevent Interference in Ongoing Investigation

May 16, 2017, 16:28 PM
May 16, 2017, 16:27 PM

Jefferson City, Mo. – Today Attorney General Josh Hawley asked the Circuit Court of Mississippi County to revoke former Mississippi County Sheriff Cory Hutcheson’s bond in the pending criminal case against him. General Hawley asked that Hutcheson be jailed or barred from interfering in the Attorney General’s investigation into the death of Tory Sanders at the Mississippi County jail on the night of May 5.

General Hawley said, “Our investigation into the events of May 5 and the death of Tory Sanders is ongoing. The facts more than establish that Cory Hutcheson has violated the terms of his bail and is a danger to the community. Three people have died at the Mississippi County jail on his watch. The court should act now, by revoking his bail, to prevent further tragedy and any interference in our investigation.”

The Attorney General’s Office charged Hutcheson with 18 criminal counts on April 5, including robbery, illegal surveillance, and forgery, and asked the court to deny bail. The court refused to do so. Since that time, Hutcheson has been involved in the death of another detainee at the Mississippi County jail, the third such death at the jail on Hutcheson’s watch.


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