AG Hawley Hails Trump Action on Water Regulation

Mar 1, 2017, 08:59 AM
Mar 1, 2017, 08:48 AM

Vows to continue litigation until full repeal

Jefferson City, Mo. – President Trump on Tuesday announced that he is directing the Environmental Protection Agency to replace the Obama-era "waters of the United States" rule, a major victory for Missouri. The Missouri Attorney General's Office has challenged the rule in federal court.

Attorney General Josh Hawley commented, "President Trump's directive comes as a major victory for those of us who have fought this federal overreach onto our states' farms and ranches. I commend the president for his action on Tuesday and I look forward to the full repeal of this illegal rule."

Implemented by the Obama administration in 2015, the waters of the US regulation authorized the EPA to regulate water on farming and other land that was unconnected to any navigable water. Attorney General Hawley made fighting this federal incursion on farmers' land a central pillar of his campaign and an early focus of his administration. Missouri's lawsuit, in conjunction with other states, is still pending.

"Be assured, we will continue to defend Missouri's farmers, and we stand ready to take whatever additional legal action is necessary to see this regulation eliminated once and for all," Hawley said.


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