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Annual Report FAQs

When is the annual report for vehicle stops due from law enforcement agencies?
If my agency employs law enforcement officers but does not conduct traffic stops, does it still need to complete a Vehicle Stops Report?
If my city only employed officers for part of the calendar year, does the city still need to submit vehicle stops information?
• If my city contracts with a separate law enforcement agency for law enforcement coverage, does my city need to complete the Vehicle Stops Report?
How will zip codes be reported to the Attorney General’s Office during the annual reporting period (January 1 – March 1)?
How can an agency update its contact information in the Attorney General’s system?
If my law enforcement agency used a private vendor to compile vehicle stop data, does my agency still need to submit data on the Attorney General's annual report form?

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Vehicle Stop Information Form FAQs

If an officer could not see the driver’s race at the time the vehicle was signaled to stop, should the driver’s race be recorded as “Other?”
If there are multiple applicable responses to a question, should they all be selected?
How should the “Officer Assignment” question be completed?
When should an officer select the “No Action” box for the “Result of Stop” question?
Why does an officer’s visual perception determine the driver’s race/minority status as recorded in the Vehicle Stops Report?
For what stage of a traffic stop (from signal to stop until completion) should stop location be recorded?
If an officer conducts a passenger-only search, should the officer indicate that a search was conducted?

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