FAQs - Public Government Body

  • How much can a public governmental body charge for records requests?

  • Our board goes in to closed session and we don’t know what they are going to talk about. Don’t they have to let us know why they are closing the meeting?

  • I was told my request would be ready in 2 weeks. Doesn’t the Sunshine Law say they have to give me the records in 3 days?

  • Can a public governmental body add items to the agenda after it has been posted?

  • Members of the board get together and talk about business outside of meetings. Is that a violation?

  • Board members e-mail each other about public business – is that considered a meeting?

  • A requestor refuses to use our request form and sends numerous e-mails with requests for records. Can we require that they fill out our standard request form?

  • Who can impose penalties for Sunshine Law violations?

  • How may we state our motion when we want to enter into a closed session?

  • Who is subject to the Sunshine Law?

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