AG Opinions

An Attorney General’s opinion is thus a written public document responding to a specific legal question asked by a public official. This website is meant to be a resource for researching and obtaining copies of Missouri Attorney General opinions. Attorney General opinions issued since 1933 are available online.


We offer many types kinds of forms at the Attorney General's office: complaint forms, law enforcement forms, sunshine law forms, charitable organization, business registration forms and other miscellaneous forms.


Consumer publications from the Attorney General's Office are available at no charge upon request. Order free copies of many AGO publications via our simple to use online order form.

Police and Sheriffs Contacts


View contact information for your local police or county sheriffs.

Office of Prosecution Services (MOPS)

The MOPS office is a state governmental entity established in Section 56.750, et seq. to assist prosecuting attorneys.


We offer a variety of reports.

Clergy Abuse Resources

The Attorney General’s Office is dedicated to keeping Missouri families and communities safe. If you are a victim of sexual abuse, including clergy abuse, or if you believe you have witnessed clergy abuse, we have resources available.

Rape Kit Tracking System

Protocols Issued Pursuant to § 595.055, RSMo.